Thursday, October 27, 2016

Surti Butter/Buttery Jeera Biscuits/Batasa

Surti Butter, its definitely an interesting baked goodies to give a try if you love something savoury. I never heard about this Surti butter before and i tried my hands for the first time. I baked this Surti butter for this month's We knead to Bake, a baking event by Aparna of My Diverse Kitchen and this dish is suggested by Madhuli Ajay.Do you know this Jeera Butter Biscuit are very popular tea time snack sold in most of the bakeries or in Irani tea houses in India. These biscuits are small, crisp,dried bread buns with a light texture. Trust me, this rich cookies are excellent munchies to enjoy as a fabulous accompaniment to enjoy with Indian masala chai or to go well with a bowl of soups. This recipe is from Crumbs! Bread Stories and Recipes for the Indian Kitchen by Saee Koranne-Khandekar, Madhuli Ajay pulled us to bake out these rich cookies.

Surti butter,Jeera butter biscuits

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Sago Vathal/Javvarisi Vadam/Sago Fryums/Javarisi Vadagam

Summer came to an end a month before but still we are having some hot afternoon and chilled morning. However this climate doesnt affect our routine life and we are enjoying thoroughly this hot and chilled weather. You may wonder why am talking about the weather,yes my today's post is something very special which we never forget to prepare once a year while the weather is too hot. I have spent my summer vacation in India for the past two years and everytime i come back to Paris,i never forget to pack some homemade vadams/vadagams aka fryums prepared either by my MiL or by my sister. But this year, since i didnt visited India, i planned to prepare myself some fryums at home as we had super hot summer days. Obviously i gathered all the ingredients as i get small sized sagos aka tapioca pearls from Chinese stores as these tiny tapioca pearls suits prefect for making excellent puffing and crispy fryums.

Sago Sun Dried Vadam, Sun dried Sago Fryums

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Garlic Chutney Powder/Garlic Idli Podi/Poondu Podi

Spice powders have a long shelf life if they are stored properly in a dry and clean jar. Every month, i prepare couple of spice powders myself at home as i dont like to buy spice powders from stores. Idly podis,rasam podi,kootu podi and sambar podi have their important place in my cooking. Obviously every first sunday of the month, i dont forget to prepare small batch of all these spice powders. Nothing can beat this freshly grounded spice powders and homemade is always the best. I have already blog about many interesting Idly podis/chutney powders but still i have few more to post and one among those flavourful idly podis is this super aromatic Garlic loaded idly podi. This podi tastes absolutely fabulous when served along with hot steaming idlis or crispy dosas. Trust me, one can happily have two more idlies/dosas if you serve those South Indian breakfast dishes along with this idly podi.

Garlic Chutney Powder, Poondu Idli Podi

Monday, October 24, 2016

Pulikachal/Tamarind Rice Paste/Puliyodharai Paste/Puliyogare Paste

Am not a big fan of store bought spice pastes or readymade rice mix, but i love to prepare myself those humble spice pastes at home whenever time permits. Pulikachal aka tamarind rice paste is a must if you are planning to make Puliyodharai at home. However making pulikachal at home is definitely easy and this spice paste is seriously very handy whenever you doesnt have enough time to dish some tamarind rice with less efforts. This paste calls for tamarind extract which is tempered later with usual tempering spices and cooked with a spice mix to make it more flavourful. This is one of most popular ready mix easily available everywhere (departemental stores, sweet stalls, grocery shops or else even in hotels) especially in South India. Not to forget that this rice paste mix is definitely an excellent travel friendly spice paste to carry with as they stay prefect for almost more than 3 days in room temperature if conserved properly.

Pulikachal, Tamarind Rice Paste, Puliyodharai paste