Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Quinoa Puliyogare/Quinoa Pulihora/Tamarind Quinoa

You can dish out many ultimate dishes with Quinoa, this grain is very versatile and you can replace this grain very well where we use rice. You have so many ways to add this quinoa in our daily diet. Easy to cook, quinoa can be prepared very much well in our Indian cuisine with our spices. And my today's post proves it well. Last sunday, i was not in mood to prepare something special,actually i felt like having something spicy and tangy. Hence i couldnt stop myself to prepare this incredible fusion dish. Actually Pulihora/Puliyogare/Puliyodharai is usually prepared with rice and tamarind sauce aka pulikachal.I have already posted this tangy Pulikachal/Tamarind Rice paste here, since i had this paste in my fridge, i quickly prepared this ultimate dish easily with less efforts.

Quinoa Puliyogare, Tamarind Quinoa

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Bellam Paramannam/Annam Payasam/Andhra Style Jaggery Rice Pudding

Bellam Paramannam is a sweet rice pudding prepared basically with rice and it is served as a prasadam/offering to God in most of the homes in Andhra. This pudding is especially prepared on most of the special occasions and festivals like Sankranti. Usually prepared with rice and milk, this pudding can be sweetened either with sugar or jaggery which is later garnished with fried raisins or cashews. Paramannam can be served hot or cold as a dessert. This dish is also called or known as Annam payasam, Paramannam, Bellam Pongali however this pudding is definitely a royal treat to whoever love Indian style puddings.

Annam Payasam, Bellam Pongali, Sweet Rice pudding

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Nuvvula Appalu/Deep Fried Wheatflour Patties

You might have noticed that am posting about Sankranti special dishes and my today's post goes to an incredible deep fried wheat flour patties. This dish is definitely a new dish for me until i was searching for something different for Sankranti. Actually i was looking for a new sankranti special dish and i landed to Hari Chandana's space. These incredible patties are dangerously addictive and almost like our Adhirasam, this appalu will definitely tickle your tastebuds. Very simple to prepare this appalu dough, you wont forget to give a try to this dish often.

Nuvvula Appalu, Sesame seeds crackers

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Bandaru Laddu/Thokkudu Laddoo

Laddoo/Laddu, this popular Indian sweets are our family favourite, yes i never forget to prepare them every year especially for Diwali festival. Laddoos, this sweet balls are usually prepared with fried boondis, sugar syrup with dry fruits. But my today's post is a very popular Andhra sweets aka Bandaru Laddoo. This laddoos was originated in 'Machilipatnam' in Andhra Pradesh which is also known as 'Bandar'. Not to forget that this laddoo is also prepared during auspicious days like Sankranti, Deepavali etc. Though this laddoo calls for besan flour aka gram flour, this laddoo's preparation sounds very much different from the usual laddoos.

Bandaru Laddu, Thokkudu Laddoo