Saturday, April 29, 2017

Yorkshire Tea Cakes

Tea cake in England is a soft yeasted sweet buns prepared with dried fruits which is typically served toasted with butter. Tea cakes can be cookies, or sponge cake depending upon the countries they belongs to. Tea refers to the popular beverage to which these baked goodies are served as an accompaniment. Yorkshire tea cakes is a light,sweet,yeast based bun containing mainly currants, sultanas or orange peel. These tea cakes are typically split, toasted, buttered and served with tea. Usually baked as a flat, circular buns, these buns have a smooth brown crust and a light underside.Many cafes sell these buns for breakfast and for mid morning snacks.

Yorkshire Tea Cakes, English Tea Cakes

Friday, April 28, 2017

Xpresso Blondies/Espresso Blondies

X is one of the complicate alphabet to pick a baking dish with. Obviously i couldnt think more than baking Espresso blondies so that i can rewrite as Xpresso blondies as title to stick with this month's blogging marathon's theme. Blondies are known as blond brownie is a rish dessert. Its ressembles quite like the traditional chocolate loaded brownies but blondies are prepared /baked without cocao powder and its contains brown sugar hence this dessert have a deep brown colour. Blondies can be prepared very much by adding chocolate chips or any other flavored chips. Blondies are baked in pan as much as like brownies and they are cut in rectangular shapes for serving. One of my favourite way of indulging these blondies is to top them with a scoop of vanilla icecream drizzled with caramel sauce. Coming to my today's recipe, this blondies calls for Espresso coffee powder which plays an important role to bring the flavor in this simple but yet a delicious blondies.

Espresso Blondies, American Espresso Blondies

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Welsh Harvest Cake/Teisen y Cynhaeaf

The Welsh version of harvest cake is made with apples, sultanas and cinnamon, this cake resembles very much like Irish apple cake, which is baked with a layer of fruit in the centre.There are many regional recipes for cakes are baked during the harvest time, with many variations.Some of these cakes were cooked to fuel the workers during the hard manual labour, and some were produced to be enjoyed as part of post-harvesting celebrations. Before industrialisation, harvest  time would be more muscle-wrenching, dirty, hot and exhausting; obviously the workers in the fields needed all the calories they could get, and traditional harvest foods went some way to providing these. The Harvest Supper served by the farmer or land-owner after the harvest was completed. The foods  was very likely second only to Christmas in terms of what was provided for workers to consume. For the poorest labourers such food was a very welcome change from their usual diet.

Welsh Harvest Cake,HArvest Cake

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Vanillekipferl/Austrian Almond Cookies

Vanillekipferl, my today's post is from Austria. This cookies are originate from Vienna in Austria and a speciality of the Bavarian town of Nördlingen. Traditionally, they are made at Christmas, thought these cookies are very well known in most of the European countries.Though these cookies are Christmas special, they can be enjoyed anytime of the year and are often for sale in Viennese coffee shops. They are said to have been created in the shape of the Turkish crescent moon symbolizing, the celebration of the victory of the Hungarian army over the Turkish in one of the many wars between the nations.These Crescent shaped almond cookies are baked in Germany and its very common in Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, and Slovakia as a part of the typical Christmas baking.

Austrian Almond Cookies, Vanillekipferl