Saturday, March 24, 2018

Mushroom & Spinach Balls/Kaalan Keerai Kola Urundai

My this week's posts are going to be some interesting round balls. Yes this week's blogging marathon theme is All that come round are laddoos. Obviously when i picked this theme for this week's blogging marathon i couldnt think more than dishing out some crispy balls. Chettinad cuisine shares many succulent dishes and one among those dishes is their popular kola urundai aka spicy deep fried crispy balls. These balls are usually made with either elephant yam, raw banana, but i made some twist and dished out this dangerously addictive spicy balls with both mushrooms and spinach.

Mushroom Kola Urundai, Mushroom Balls

Monday, March 19, 2018

Havrebrød/Eggless Danish Oat Loaf

Bread baking is one of my favourite passtime especially when i dont have nothing to do apart from mobbing and cleaning. Havent baked bread since a long as i had a small health issue, now am doing much better. Obviously i gathered everything to bake some bread at home during the weekend. Hubby and kids were asking me to bake something as a loaf for their weekend breakfast. And i picked this Havrebrod to bake for our weekend breakfast. You might have noticed that i love baking and cooking with oats, and this Danish oat loaf tempted me to bake. Very easy to bake, you doesnt need anything special to bake out this bread.

Havrebrød, Eggless Danish Oat Loaf

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Ryttarkaka/Norwegian Sticky Chocolate and Coconut Cake

If you love chocolate, this cake will definitely please you. And trust me if dont like coconut in your bakes, then this cake will definitely tickle your tastebuds. While i was looking for a different baked goodies from Norwegian cuisine, i was surprised to see this Ryttarkaka, aka sticky chocolate cake with coconut topping. Though i dont have great fans of cake or cookies baked with coconut at home, i was very much tempted to bake this cake. But one thing that pulled me to bake this cake is  the chocolate brownie cake which is the most important base for this Ryttarkaka . Yes this cake calls for a brownie batter which is later topped with coconut topping. Obviously i gathered all the ingredients and baked this fabulous cake few days back at home.

Ryttarkaka, Sticky chocolate coconut cake

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Eplekake/Norwegian Apple Cake

Scandinavian cuisine includes three countries, yes Norway, Denmark and Sweden. And these three countries shares similar cuisine style. The most important meal of Scandinavians is their breakfast as they start their work early in the morning. Though Scandinavian cuisine goes for easy cooking process, most of their dishes are quite popular around the world. Am running this week's blogging marathon with 'Scandinavian Recipes' as theme. Obviously i picked three different dishes from two of those three countries, and my today's post is from Norway. Eplekake is Norwegian Apple cake, this cake is quite easy one to bake at home with quick procedure.

Eplekake, Norwegian Cake with apples